Oct 29, 2008

Deals and Steals!

Today I decided to take a visit to the new Horchow Finale on Inwood/Lovers in Dallas...didn't expect to find anything and certainly not buy anything...are you crazy? In this economy? I am trying to be more frugal these days about where my money goes...(unless of course "a deal of the century" type thing comes up and then that previous statement is definitely negotiable)

^Mirror before hanging

While perusing through the mirror department, I stopped upon one that I absolutely loved and one that would be perfect for my dining area...it was marked down from $300 to $175! Wow what a deal I thought...I confirm this with the sales lady...no, it is not $175 marked down...that was the first markdown- it was now $30! I kid you not. Deal.of.the.century.
I had to get it? I can sell my old one on Craigs List?! Luckily, I had my mother with me (who is probably the worst influence ever and tells me to buy everything) and she confirmed that it was in fact the deal of the century. Mother knows best, right?

So glad she "convinced me" because the mirror is really gorgeous in person....although incredibly heavy.
Anyways, just wanted to give you all a heads up on their sale...you have to dig around to find stuff (and my mirror had a tiny crack at the bottom left) but for the most part, I was astounded at how low they dropped their prices....sale ends November 3rd and is only at the Inwood/Lovers store- go take a peek! You might just find your deal of the century.
Some other mirrors still available (as of earlier today)

The three above were all 75% off apparently (which I want to say made the first mirror around $40 and the second mirror was around $100) not so sure about the third..

I loved this venetian one also but it wasn't marked down- just at regular outlet price!


maison21 said...

ok, the $30 mirror really is the deal of the century. hate you. ;-)

Emily Johnston | EJ Interiors said...

Haha where's the love Maison? I was thinking the whole time, if Maison lived in Dallas, I would have picked one up for him too! :)

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

What a fabulous deal!!