Oct 29, 2008

Tis the season for contests!

Wanted to let you all know about 2 great contests that I have learned about recently...

One is a contest over at The Galiway blog where you can win your favorite boxed holiday greeting cards. All you have to do is post a comment on their blog post stating which of the Galison greeting cards is your favorite- easy as that! Contest ends November 13th!
My favorite are the vintage "Dear Santa" cards...so adorable!

Another contest that comes a little earlier this year is the one hosted by Blogging Top Design. You all are invited to design a room around one of these fantastic crystal chandeliers from Swarovski's Crystal Palace collection - just like the designers did on the show!

And...the celebrity judge will be...(wait for it).....Margaret Russell herself from Top Design and Editor of Elle Decor! The contest starts immediately and all entries are due by Friday, November 7th. More info on it here!

With all these contests on the horizon- what is a girl to do? Participate of course! We love these!


Swank Lighting said...

Well all I can say is...The prizes for the Swank Lighting/Material Girls design board contest are better than a signed book and a "little sparkly". Just my humble opinion.
Ed at Swank

Linda Merrill said...

Wow - Ed - now, you don't know what the "little sparkly" will be, do you? It could be a whole chandelier! Of course, it's not, but it COULD have been. Meanwhile, your lamps are fabulous, no question.

Ladies - thanks for posting about the contest! We've gotten 14 entries and our team is narrowing the field down to a group of finalists for Margaret to judge. So, stay tuned.

Meanwhile, am enjoying the entries to your contest - I wish I'd had time to enter!