Dec 9, 2008

Color Palettes

My favorite section in House Beautiful is their article they put out monthly on designer's favorite paint colors- one month, the topic will be "paint colors that flatter brunettes", the next month will be "colors that calm". You just never know what's coming next with them! I have a new topic suggestion- paint colors that flatter really pale people? I could be their guinea pig!

And even better than the article each month, they've expanded with a book! I just received it in the mail, it's called Colors for your Home- it encompasses 300 paint color suggestions from well known designers...I can't wait to start experimenting with these on my wall!

You can get it here at Barnes and Noble. Great Christmas gift for that friend who needs some paint suggestions for her new home!

1 comment:

jds223 said...

I usually have my Ben Moore paint deck in hand as I check out the page. Love it too!