Dec 9, 2008

What Kind of Collector Are You?

We all have our passions and ideals that we hold onto for dear life.
I have decided that I am a collector of oh so many things that I am afraid that I cannot be pigeonholed into one "collecting" genre.  But, I am sure that under intense scrutiny a pattern could be found..possibly :)
Are you...
A Modern/Socially minded Collector?  You have spare chairs for any random guests and you are ready to party at anytime....
A Traditional/Sentimental Collector?  One who anguishes about just the right placement for your treasures?  And even then, may be known to move things around a bit?
An Organic/Free Spirited Collector?  You travel long and hard and are just too exhausted to worry about symmetry and "matching?"
A Transitional/Politically Minded Collector?  Always ready to show your stream of consciousness and deliver an important "message?"
Let us know who you are and why you choose your collections.  It tells alot about us all.


jds223 said...

I collect occasional tables...I have no idea why...maybe my Barbie Playhouse was lacking as a child.

No.35style said...

Love the second picture.