Dec 28, 2008

It Is Almost 2009..How About A New White Clean Slate?

I am enamored with the latest Metropolitan Home edition.  It is white all over the place!  Clean and fresh and gorgeous.  The issue comes at us from all over the design palette of white inspired interiors.
Beginning with "Glamorous White," we see grand gestures and a cleansing palette for a Seattle home by Stuart Silk Architects.
Next is "Country White," which features a quirky home in the heart of Napa Valley decorated by Erin Martin for a pair of Toronto transplants.  Hey!  I have those "Bobo" light fixtures in my own home!  So much for the idea that we in the design world have any truly original ideas.
After country comes "Traditional White," with a Daryl Carter inspired loft giving all sorts of new thoughts for a fresh start with the melding of antiques and modern furnishings.  He is one of my design heroes.  Not everyone can fuse these two ideas with such aplomb.
Not to be forgotten is "Architectural White," poised in the hills of Columbia County, New York designed by the married partners of the NYC firm Leven Betts Studio Architects. Such sublime design without a hint of fussiness.
The breathtaking beauty of the "Classic White" feature is a home located in Litchfield, Connecticut where a creative couple enlarged a cape style home into a year round vision filled with antiques and photographs-ranging from Lartigue to Annie Liebowitz.  Divine!
May I just add one more image that makes me happy this time of year?  An image of almond crescent cookies along with the recipe by Chef Sara Jenkins.  I am not over this serious season of eating yet...and they are white!!!!


Chanel W. said...

The "Clean Slate" blog post has really inspired me to finally refurbish my living room! Thanks for helping me kick of 2009!

Van S. said...

I am always inspired by white interiors and I think that the almond cookies look amazing. Happy new year!

Nicholas D. said...

I am 'enamored' with this brilliant article by Julia Edelmann. What a unique and different approach on a color we see everyday. The images displayed with this piece really enforced the power of such a simple color and how it can truly improve and freshen the appearance of all homes.