Dec 5, 2008

Golden Glam

I was quite surprised when I read this bedroom designed by Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger for the San Fransisco Decorator Showhouse was a child's room. Forget Hanna Montana posters, this room if fit for a young glamazon in training.

The custom mural is the only indication of child-like whimsy. I'm not a mom, but I don't know if this would really fly for a young girl. I mean you need at least 100 picture frames with pictures of you with your friends, a bulletin board, not to mention your shrine to Joe Jonas. One thing is for sure the space certainly does not apologize for being gorgeous. I have a feeling the girl that would live here is one sophisticated little d-i-v-a.
Photography by: Michal Venera via Traditional Home

This designing duo also owns Ironies, a knock out home furnishings line they started in the 80's that I can only describe as earthy-modern-glamour. Here some of their fabulous pieces...

This light fixture is CRAZY BANANAS, I love it!

This sconce is for Emily!

I can only imagine how gorgeous this is in person.


Colour Me Happy said...

Love this glamorous post! The Canopy bed is my favourite :)

Tina said...

what gorgeous photos, great inspirations! love all the lights as well, great post! :)

Lauren said...

The canopy bed is simply fabulous.

I just can't get over the lights either!