Dec 16, 2008

Don't Go Daisies!

One of my favorite TV shows is the colorful, quirky, murder-mystery, dramedy Pushing Daisies. I was so sad to hear that ABC has canceled the show! In my opinion this is one of their best and the set design is unreal! My eyes are glued to the TV for the entire episode.
I love all the saturated colors, which probably wouldn’t work in a normal interior setting but are fantastic on the TV screen.

Antlers anyone?

I can't get enough of all the wallpaper! Wallpaper has made a major come back in the last few years. Many people feel overwhelmed about using wallpaper. It’s true, it’s not as easy to change as paint color so I always recommend using it on one accent wall, that way if you decide you need a change it’s only one wall that needs to be stripped. A great site to find wallpaper without even leaving your home is Walnut Wallpaper. You can even purchase samples before committing to a pattern.

I’m no Fashionista but I think the costumes are incredible. I love the retro look with bright colors.
Not to mention all the great guest stars. Molly Shannon, David Arquette, Paul Reubens, and Joel McHale to name a few.

Don’t you just want to go hang out at The Pie Hole? The "cherry" pendant lights are so fun.

Will someone at ABC please open their pie hole and save Pushing Daisies?! Everything about this show is impeccably designed. I’m visually addicted!


Jessica Claire said...

i know - so sad!!!

I could live very happily ever after with the pie maker

jessica claire + ned = luv 4eva!!!

Visual Vamp said...

This was a crazy good little show with an eye popping look for sure.
Thanks for putting this piece together.
xo xo

Mme Paulita said...

I am sad about this too. I recently got into the show after borrowing the first season dvd. Figures that everything good eventually gets cancelled.