Dec 12, 2008

Love NY? Bathroom for Rent!

I am so excited to join Material Girls as the resident New York Interior Designer! I thought a great first post would be to give you one of the many reasons why I love NY (at least most of the time). Just yesterday a friend emailed me a "Best of Craigslist" post she came across about a 60 year-old woman who wants to rent out her bathroom. That's right, her bathroom! Here’s a clip: "My bathroom is large. You can easily put a twin air mattress in there. I only ask that when I need to use the bathroom, you or your air mattress are not in it. This might seem a bit odd but please remember the rent is $400 and the bathroom is large."

My friend and I both agreed that a lot of people make these things up but we would never put it past a New Yorker to be willing to pay $400 a month to live in a Manhattan bathroom! As an Interior Designer I have to give credit were credit is do, we New Yorkers can turn any space into a living space!
Kristan Cunningham recently did an amazing apartment makeover for a couple that lives in a 290 sq.ft. Studio. Check out the video on Rachael Ray’s website.
Domino always has great spreads on well-designed small spaces; here are a few of my favorites:

Rashida Jones’ 400 sq.ft. Studio
I think what drew me to this was the bright accents in an otherwise light space. It’s the quintessential single NY gal’s apartment!

Tori Mellott’s 450 sq.ft. Apartment.
I love how she paired the neutral palette with black accents. And although she has a lot in the space it doesn’t feel overcrowded or cluttered.

And one of my all time favorites, which brings hope to all NY women living in a one-bedroom and wanting a baby (eventually!). This nursery was birthed out of a Domino staffer’s walk-in closet:

Now if I only had a walk-in closet!!


Paloma said...

Welcome, Abby! :)

These are all fabulous spaces! They are small in size, but high on style.

Renee Finberg said...

i could die !!

that is an ' only in nyc ' story for sure.

i could live in Tori Mellott’s studio.

congratz to you.

MIMILEE said...

What a hoot!! Only in New York! I wonder if she had any takers?

Loved seeing the small spaces designed so beautifully and with such style.

Great Blog!

Leslie Rowlands said...

Great article! What a this small space episode. Love the baby room.
check out my new blog:

vicki archer said...

How I love NYC - would love to see that bathroom and dare I say it....I hope she doesn't need to get up a lot during the night! xv

Anonymous said...

I can totally see this happening! I had a friend in midtown that lived in an apt where his "bedroom" was a bed in the closet below the staircase for the loft. And he paid $850 a month for it!

Glad to see you on here, Abby -