Aug 17, 2008

2008 Fall Color List

I can feel it- fall is finally in the longer 105 degrees here in Texas, the weather has come down to a chilly 85 and I can finally start getting excited about a new fall color palette in decor.
Dictated by fashion trends and New York's Fashion Week, Pantone has predicted that fall "is defined by rich, elegant hues that offer a vibrant selection. New York's fashion designers emphasize cooler blues, greens and purples in the top five tones used in their collections, followed by variations of warm red, orange and yellow." Verrry interesting...

These are the colors Pantone predicts will be HUGE this fall

But it seems these rooms are already way ahead of the game!

This golden yellow is sure to cheer up any space

This bold red can spice up even the most serene of spaces- notice how they used this deep shade in the bedroom and then paired it with softer colors like green and pink to tone it down..

Just the name of this blue puts visions in my head of a deep night sky...I love how they used an abundance of the Twilight Blue in this Living Room along with metallics- almost gives it an outerspace feel

This house has not one but TWO hot shades for fall- Caribbean Blue and Shady Glade...these back to back rooms give this house some spunk!

When I see Withered Rose, I immediately think of antiques or a room in my grandma's house..I think that's because of it's apparent delicate's a very quiet and understated can't put this hue just about anywhere. I think it would look gorgeous in a dainty room such as a bedroom, powder room, or dressing area for someone who wants a little bit of romance and that discreet feminine look.

We see tiny bits and pieces of the Royal Lilac shade in this bathroom. And what do you know? It's paired with a color that looks strikingly similar to Pantone's Caribbean Sea! These two colors are a knockout together!

This mushroom- like color is a mix of brown, gray, and even a tad bit of's kind of that strange color that you aren't sure what it is exactly and it would probably be a little harder to match with other things than say, the normal chocolate brown or silver gray that we are all used to.

Blue Iris- Pantone's "Color of the Year"- of course it had to make the fall list!

If you haven't ever google searched "burnt orange rooms", well...don''s pretty much impossible to find a room that so precisely matches Pantone's idea of burnt orange...I could have showed you a UT dorm room, but I thought I'd try for something a little prettier. I am liking the orange in the Met Home photo but don't know how I feel about Pantone's burnt orange on walls...especially for me, a Sooner, painting my room burnt orange? That might shock some people...what are your thoughts? Will you be rocking the burnt orange in your home this fall?


Matty said...

My walls used to be a slightly less "burnt" shade of this orange and they were really beautiful. Wood finishes look great against it.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I think I know what they are going for with the burnt orange idea, but you'd have to be very careful with the tone. If you got it right, however, with dark wood floors and trim, lots of books and a fire in the fireplace....well, it could really work.

Alkemie said...

I love all the rooms you chose as examples. They're so pretty! Great inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting excited for fall here in L.A. as well, although not many leaves will see the ground. Your sneak preview on color predictions are inspiring....and the rooms as examples are lovely. Ginny

AT said...

I don't have anything against orange, but "burnt orange" is really a very unpleasant color. Too bad half the buildings in Austin are painted a shade of it.

Okay, okay, full disclosure: I am an Aggie. But still! Even an unbiased observer would say that's a vile color, right?

Kateri said...

Where did you get the photo for the golden yellow color? I just love that sofa.

Emily said...

Kateri, I ripped it out of a magazine and it's not labeled at the bottom! It looks a bit like House Beautiful or Traditional Home.. but don't quote me on that one!