Aug 31, 2008

Would you stay here?

The world's first "sand hotel" is now officially open! Located on Weymouth Beach in England, this hotel has only two rooms complete with tons and tons of sand. Mark Anderson created this beachfront hotel- you can stay here for a whopping $21 a night!

I'm not too much of a travel snob, but I do say that this bed looks very uncomfortable and I'm not sure how I would feel about waking up with a pile of sand in my hair.
It would be interesting to see if people actually stay here or if it's just a tourist attraction!


sandra/tx said...

In a word? No. I'd visit there, but no way could I sleep there. Kind of like the ice hotel, huh?

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

But, I'll admit it. I am an unrepentant travel snob. Where I stay is more important that what I eat, what the weather is, or whether I brought the correct footwear.
So, nope.