Aug 10, 2008

Anthropologie's Furniture Jewelry

Anthropologie has some of the cutest pieces of hardware out there. I know, you can go to Home Depot and spend about a 1/5th of the price on your hardware but for that special piece of furniture why not go the extra mile? These knobs would look adorable in a girl's bedroom on a chest or a nightstand...they also have door knobs, finials, hook racks, door stoppers, light switch covers- the list goes on and on! Why not dress up your home a bit with some "furniture jewelry" as I like to call them.. Lazy Daisy knob- $6
Soda Fountain Hooks- $24
Medaglione Knob- $12
Portugal Knob- $8
Zinnia Knob, $6
Sea Blossom Knob, $10
Rosetta Knob, $12
Inlaid Pearl Knob, $14
Nouveau Knob, $8


maison21 said...

funny- i was just in an anthropologie last week, and spied some fab bubble glass door knobs, and wished i had my camera for a blog post!

bandelle said...

I love all of these knobs. I actually want to buy an old dresser just so I can give it a makeover :) It was so much fun to meet you last week, Lauren. We'll definitely have to plan another get together soon.


Furniture said...

I love that furniture....