Aug 20, 2008

Modern Living!

I stumbled upon Velocity the other day and I end up perusing their website for hours! Their imaginative and original home decor, furniture, gifts, and accessories would definitely make a lasting impression on a home...and we aren't kidding...some of their products include a monkey ashtray, a white antler coat rack, a hand hook for purses, a miniature lips sofa, a penguin pillow, a wooden radio, and so on and so on. It reminded me a little bit of a more refined CB2- still modern and quirky but pricier

I love this Thomas Paul picture frame. Even though you are probably supposed to replace the silouette with a real picture, I like the silouette! Only $15

They have tons and tons of nature inspired wrapped canvas's. What I love about these is that you can get them in any size ranging from 16"x16" to 60"x34". What I hate about most pieces of art is that they come in "one size fits" Don't think so! You will find that perfect piece in just the right color that complements your Living area perfectly but it's a teensy 20"x20". Don't you just hate that?

Orange seems to be my new favorite color! And this bright lamp works it perfectly

This is the George Nelson Tripod Desk Clock- was the very first desktop clock that he designed from the 1950's-was reissued by Vitra but produced to the same specifications of his original - $335

Pink sofa!

This coffee table comes in robin's egg blue, watermelon, dark olive, and's a favorite of those who work for Velocity- $449

This table makes me laugh...see what I mean when I said "original"?

This pillow is by Maharam- I knew I recognized that fabric!

This color combination is yummy...the "Inhabit Coral in Aqua" pillow

Thomas Paul Dervish in Kiwi pillow- pattern reverses to opposite color on back
I love when I discover fun new places to shop. When I'm in the mood for a little modern, I'll definitely be back to Velocity!

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