Aug 3, 2008

Vintage Living

I stumbled upon an article in The Dallas Morning News which featured designer and entrepeneur Lisa Luby Ryan, owner of Vintage Living, in Dallas. The article focused on how gray was the "it color" of the moment and a photograph showed Lisa's shop in Snider Plaza having just gotten a new shipment in from Europe that was enveloped in soft grays and creams.

Her shop has tons of gorgeous goodies and antiques handpicked by Lisa herself on her various trips to Europe throughout the year. Her website describes Vintage Living as taking a "calm, cool and collected approach to design. She prefers a fresh, clean minimal look with a touch of chic...glamorous with a modern flair..." I couldn't have described it better myself...

She really does have simply stunning accessories and furniture to die for

This mirror is by far my favorite in Lisa's showroom

Soft serene bedroom vignette

Her store reminds me a little of Stacy Hyde (one we have featured before)

Previously featured in Traditional Home as well as British Country Homes and Interiors magazine, Lisa started her first shop in 2002, called At Home with a Past. She has been named D Home's Best Designer from 2004-2008.

Lisa's shop is located at 6701 Snider Plaza if you are interested in seeing all of these striking antiques in person!


Mélanie said...

She has great taste ! I love her pieces

franki durbin said...

I am completely blown away by that mirror. It's unbelievable. Dare I ask.... how much?

Alkemie said...

What a gorgeous store!! I love seeing fab stores with great pieces. Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Not sure how much the mirror is...I don't know if I want to know- it might crush my hopes and dreams of every owning it! :)