Aug 10, 2008

Street of the week

It was just another Texas summer’s day with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees. It was almost unbearable to leave the house; but in the end, I was glad I endured the heat because I ended up finding myself on another East Dallas/Lakewood adventure.

Driving around “running errands”/spying on houses with my mom is one of our absolute favorite things to do. We love winding our way in and out of neighborhoods (oftentimes getting lost) exploring the most beautiful houses in Dallas and wishing we were its residents.

Today we decided to visit her “all time favorite street in Dallas”- Tokalon. Back when we were growing up, my sister’s best friend lived on Tokalon and that is how she became familiar with the area. I faintly remember visiting that house a few times growing up with my sister but wouldn’t have been able to point it out on a map if I tried. Whenever streets come up, my mom often references Tokalon as her absolute favorite. Today I finally agreed to go explore this street and see if it really deserves all of the accolades that my mom gives it.

Once we finally found it with the help of our trusty Garmin, I was absolutely certain within a minute of arriving that Tokalon was my new favorite street as well.

The magnificent houses in this neighborhood sit perched high upon green grassy hills and surrounded by large mature trees. The street is often called “the most beautiful street in Dallas” and now I know why! Tokalon did not disappoint at all…the photos just don’t do this neighborhood justice. Driving down the street, I got the feeling that I was somewhere else- far away from the hustle and bustle of busy Dallas.

If these houses ever go down two or three million in price, I just might be able to afford one!

This house is actually for sale currently...and why might I ask, would someone ever want to leave this beauty? In case you are interested in purchasing (I would be very jealous if you were) here is the information:

Status- Active Listing
Type-Resale -Single Family Detached
Location -6858 Tokalon,Dallas , TX 75214
Half Baths-2
Sq.Ft- 6,876

Here are the interior photos of this Tokalon house:
Breakfast area overlooks the heated pool and spacious backyard

Kitchen has Corian countertops and Sub Zero appliances

Rich hardwood flooring and elaborate mouldings makes this house look elegant and tasteful.
A coffered ceiling defines this ballroom and makes it look even more exquisite. The house's listing says that its beauty is unmatched and it has to be seen in person to really be appreciated!

Another view of this you can see why Tokalon is such a valued street- the position of the houses are very uncharacteristic of those in Dallas.

More Tokalon charmers...

This was my favorite...from far away the entry door looked teeny tiny...I kept wondering if a normal sized person could enter through it!

As you can tell, I am a sucker for cute, cottage style homes.

I loved this one also- the owners put two large pots elevated on either side of the house...the balcony above with the little bistro table and chairs is so adorable!

Nearby, another great street is Lakewood boulevard...

Look at all that gorgeous greenery
Mom, you can take me by Tokalon any day!


paperjunk-lc said...

I've always considered Lakewood blvd my "lottery win" is if I win the lottery that's where I'd live! Of course you've got buy a ticket first something I rarely have done.

Have you ever gone on the Lakewood home tour? It usually the last weekend in Oct. It's great fun.

Have a great week.

Emily said...

Hi Paper Junk, never been on the lakewood home tour (or ever heard of it for that matter) what a GREAT tip! I am going to start doing some research on it now- I wouldn't want to miss that!


paperjunk-lc said...

I was wrong about the date. It's in Nov.
Here is the link.

please sir said...

OH goodness - what amazing houses! That is crazy you interviewed for them - thanks for visiting!

Mary Kay said...

What a wonderful tour! I've only seen Dallas from the airport. Love it!