Aug 20, 2008


I saw this picture in the portfolio section of the M Design  website and thought it was a clever way to display your collection of Chinese Calligraphy Brushes (or whatever you want to call them)!  My sister did ask dead serious this weekend, "is that a whip for Hartley (my dog)?!  A whip, seriously (hopefully she was kidding that it was for Hartley but perhaps she did think it was a whip of some sort).  And no, I do not whip my precious Malti Poo.  


Anonymous said...

um, my suggestion would be to take out the dog whipping part of this.

I like the wall color though!

Lauren said...

OBVIOUSLY I was joking, lighten up!

Gail Doby said...

Hello ladies,

Erin and I love your blog and would also like to invite you to be a guest blogger for us. Let us know if you would be interested. We have an opening this week and would love to share your fun posts with our readers.

Best wishes,
Gail Doby, ASID

Emily said...

Hey Gail,

Sure! We would love to be guest bloggers- that sounds fun. If you want to email Lauren and I at and give me the details, that would be great!


R. Schwendeman said...

Hey, thats a great idea for displaying Chinese horse hair calligraphy brushes! Usually people display them on stands, or sitting on a table. Never thought about hanging them... Chinese calligraphy brushes seem to be a hot seller though recently. Definitely a good decor item. We have had so many of them ship out this past year or two.