Aug 27, 2008

Typography Trend

Typography seems to be the new trend...

Four printed words on Jessica's t shirt caused quite a stir and sent a nice little message to Carrie Underwood...don't you just love typography in fashion!

Though some messages....aren't so true

and others won't stop complaining.....

All we have to say is that we hope typography in Interiors isn't this dramatic!

We are proud to announce that the home is finally getting a voice of its own this fall....sending quirky messages, symbols, numbers, and just plain gibberish to its residents
This Graffiti pillow from CB2 bears a sweet message- also comes in a black "SAVE" print

I love this kitchen that was featured in Domino a while back...a simple #16 piece of art gives this kitchen a graphic punch

Can't really make out what this one is trying to say- but I do know it's from Maharam!

This photo came from Elle Decor- it's Nate Berkus' revamped apartment..(by the way, be sure to check out Carolina Eclectic's fabulous post on his home!) You can barely see it, but his art in the far corner repeats "God Bless America" over and over

Some more "number art" from a room that was published in Domino. Are those the resident's favorite numbers? Was he born in 1980? Is he 80 years old? Was that the score of his last tennis match? What's the significance of 80 I can't help but wonder!
Cute little magnets on sale at PB Teen. You can spell out whatever you like with these cuties- or even labeling what's in the storage bin with the magnets would help keep me organized, that's for sure!

Don't quote me on this, because you know how quickly my taste changes...but I don't think in my entire life I would ever spend $400 just to put the alphabet on my wall (from Z Gallerie). I think I've got the alphabet down by now! Hopefully it's meant for a kid's room- would be cute in there!

This graphic double hook from Urban Outfitters is a cute play on words- only $18
Another CB2 find- a poetry RUG! Can you believe it? Very unique abstract floor script- black and ivory- comes in two different sizes

And if you just want plain letters...both Anthropologie and Ballard Designs have great inexpensive letters you can buy individually and spell out your own words!

This new pillow at West Elm is called the Selvedge letter pillow- comes in two different
color ways

Or what if you just want a plain monogram? Classic and simple- identifying who lives in the home. I think monograms are timeless. Check out these adhesive ones from Pottery Barn

West elm Country Code pillow

And last but not least, yet another West Elm typography piece- they obviously are in the know! This Brooklyn art insert is my favorite from this bunch- $19- frame sold separately

What message will you put in your home this fall?


Patricia Gray said...

You have certainly found a trend that is showing up in fashion and Interior Design. I think the use of bold calligraphic artwork works well in these interiors you have shown. Good post!

aba said...

Great blog! Im new to your site, I sort of tripped over it a week ago looking for something else, and I am now hooked! I love that God Bless America wall art, but I cannot find it. Do you know where to find it or anything similar to it? I want it so bad now!

Visual Vamp said...

Typography has been a trend since the Gutenberg Bible LOL
Personally I have always loved using it for decor, and looking at it for its beauty, but not so much the wearing of it on T-shirts.

Emily said...

Hi Aba,

I am not sure where to find that piece of art that Nate has- but isn't it great?! I'll keep my eyes peeled for something similar and let ya know if I see it!


Lindsey said...

The pottery barn monogram thing is my favorite! I have to have it for my new pink and brown themed room!

Anna said...

Love that idea. I'm going to make one of those number signs (from the Domino picture) and use it as a calendar in the kitchen. Loved this post!

kay* said...

i've been working on a large canvas piece that has some of my favourite quotes, song lyrics etc. it's actually turning out really nice. (it's a take on the piece that molly sims has in her home over her sofa - her apartment transformation was blogged about quite a bit)

Emily said...

Hey Kay and Anna,

Your projects sound great! Would love to see pics after you get them finished!


columnist said...

The striped rug in Nate Berkus's apartment is very bold indeed, but a bit too distracting for me, I'm afraid! But a very interesting post, as ever.