Aug 19, 2008

Mirror Round-Up

It's no secret that Emily and I love mirrors. I think one in every room is totally appropriate!

Can I just say I am so excited about the direction that Pottery Barn is going! Their mirrors have been so drab to me in the past, and in general I'm really picky about the big chain store mirrors (they tend to be very cookie cutter & everyone has them). The problem is a big, gold leaf, antique mirror can really set you back some $$$ so if budget is an issue I think this is a good option. Only $299 for a 34" x 55" mirror, not bad!

One more from Pottery Barn, I LOVE it. Really, you should check out the other great mirrors on their website, I'm not going to post them all but there are some great new products.

Speaking of big box retailers this mirror hails from Lamps Plus. For $199 each, do a pair over a two bowl bathroom vanity.

I really do love a good French Trumeau mirror, now this one from Ainsworth-Noah on 1st Dibs costs $18,500. I have seen in various antiques stores and shops reproduction or new mirrors faux finished to look old for a fraction of the price (which would be much more budget conscious) but a good one can be $900+.

I have yet to see this Ethan Allen mirror in person, but I sure have tried (especially since this was the "similar to shown" mirror recommended by Domino in the spread about Drew Barrymore's office).

Cute pair of 50's sunburst Mirrors from Ebay.

Louis Starburst Silver Leaf Mirror by Worlds Away.

Quirky Black and White Shine Home Mirror.

Mirrors from one of my favorite online sources for drooling...Mecox Gardens. I just couldn't help myself!

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Cote de Texas said...

the pictures are missing????

Emily said...

i know i cant see any of the pics from ur last two posts- they have x's in tehm!

Visual Vamp said...

waaaaaa! I want to see the pictures - but PB is getting more glam - check out the Fall catalog.

Lauren said...

Okay, should be fixed!

Fifi Flowers said...

Those mirrors are great! Great collection! Love huge mirrors sitting on the floor!

home interiors said...

I really like the one with the silver finish on the frame. Mirrors have been drab the past few seasons.

Anonymous said...

What about Restoration Hardware? They have a lot of nice mirrors lately.

Pink Peony said...

I love old mirrors. Nothing like a great mirror to finish off a room :)

Joni Fine said...

Hello Material Girls, I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed checking out your Blog. This is my second visit and I really enjoy reading all your various write up's and your ideas are really great. Keep up the good work and I will check back

Emily said...

Hi Joni Fine,

Thank you SO much- we are so glad you found our blog too! You are very kind- hope you'll be back soon!