Sep 1, 2008

Stand Out Movie Sets- The good, the bad, and the ugly

Labor Day weekend proved to be very relaxing...I stayed in town, took it easy and caught up on all the movies I hadn't seen.

I saw two movies in particular back to back...

One, a modern day love story- "What Happens in Vegas"

And another romance (set back in the 1930's)- "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day"

Each was filled with lots of romance and quite similar in some ways- two characters fighting the fact that they are really in love. The movies keep you in suspense- "will they or won't they get together"?

However, I became less involved in the stories than I was with each movie's set design- the sets were almost a third character in the movie's plot!

In Vegas, you have a small, cluttered, chaotic bachelor pad that created a lot of strife in the movie between the two characters. Cameron Diaz, an uptight, neurotic, hard working, independent woman who is not used to such an untidy and unorganized home is forced to live with Ashton- an eternal bachelor who could care less if the floors were swiffered! Cameron constantly gets upset over Ashton's laziness and unkempt ways. This NY apartment makes for some good drama!

She is forced to live there on a judge's orders and ends up being completely miserable!

Nice neon beer signs Ashton! I also love the brick walls and random objects of clutter in his busy Living Room. Yikes. The best part is that his bed folds out from the wall (and that is where Cameron gets the pleasure of sleeping!) I think I would have a heart attack if I lived here with him.

She doesn't look too happy to be living there! Would you have put up with Ashton's anticts for a few million dollars?

Then you have Miss Pettigrew...ahh watching Miss Pettigrew was like the calm after the storm...I absolutely fell in LOVE with her/her boyfriend's London penthouse apartment (circa 1939) So much more calming than the disorderly NYC apartment.

This is the lovely entry and staircase...

Here we have her exquisite Living Area

And her bedroom! No words can describe how beautiful her bedroom is- silk, mirrors, tufts, oh my! The colors of her room are actually the colors I am redoing my bedroom in (but with a little more blue to it) So calming.

Miss LaFosse- always getting herself into trouble

She does have such a beautiful flat!

It's hard to overlook the storyline when you have scenes this gorgeous! Sarah Greenwood, the production designer for Miss Pettigrew, did an excellent job on this movie (her previous credits include an Oscar nod for Atonement). She did a perfect job of creating such a glamorous, "Hollywood" world for Miss Pettigrew to step into. The NY Times interviewed Sarah- you can read it here.

I must say that I would take Miss Pettigrew's move-in situation over Cameron's any day!

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Titan said...

That bedroom is nothing short of AWESOME!

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