Sep 22, 2008

Time to take your dose of modern medicine!

After Jill's post of all things white and light from Oly Studio, I had to go to the "dark side". It's a company I've been meaning to share- one that has recently been featured in O at Home and whose furnishings are sinuous, sultry, and positively stylish. Dubbed the place for "affordable modern design", Modern Dose, has everything sleek and chic on its online "showroom"- including free shipping on all items!

Estela Lugo, an Interior Designer started this company in hopes of becoming the go to place for affordable and stylish modern decor. Products include ones from private designers as well as a handful from Estela herself.

This is my favorite piece in her collection- The Aphrodite shelf- designed by Estela!

This octagon shaped Diana mirror is sure to stir up some conversation in your home

The Maison bench- with its tufted seat and graceful legs, it's definitely a showstopper

How could you forget the Mies Brno chair from design school? Its lustrous stainless steel and black Italian leather seat is much hard to forget

I love this light fixture. Just its name "Bora" makes it more exotic- hidden crystals beneath a black shade provide a high level of glamour and that touch of sparkle that each room needs

The traditional antique chair does a 180! Looks like a piece that Helena Bonham Carter might paint black and re-upholster for a more daring unexpected look!

These lace coasters help add some panache to a girly cocktail party

Cue Beyonce's song, "I'm feeeeling sexy......" in the background...
These pieces will stop someone dead in their tracks....must get this console table! But is it a console table? Nope- it's a shelf! Stack these shelves on top of eachother on the wall while the bottom "console's" legs rest on the ground. Large and small shadow table shelves. Great for narrow corridors

This fireplace shelf made of acrylic comes in black or white


Sarah's Fab Day said...

I love browsing Modern Dose it's one of my favorite online haunts. As a total sidenote my mom (a designer) has always lusted after the Brno chairs and finally bought them for her dining room, not only are they classic modern they are so comfy!

MIMILEE said...

WHAT a fabulous blog you have,my dear!

I saw your comment about Sarah Palin so I decided to visit you! I love Sarah too! That is a fake picture of her office, btw!

Glad I found you!


Emily-EJ Interiors-Dallas said...

Hi Sarah- your mom must have a gorgeous dining room! :) so jealous. I just discovered Modern Dose and now I am hooked!

Mimilee- you are too sweet! I try to keep my love for Sarah under the radar- I don't want anyone coming after me! :) But I think she's great. So glad her office is a fake- my Sarah couldn't have had that bad of taste? I know she wears chip clips in her hair but you have to forgive her for that!