Sep 24, 2008

Royal Mirrors

I came across this source of fabulous glamorous mirrors from Dilettante. The company is a collaboration between two Los Angeles based architects, Elena Coleman and Libby Kountzman.

The mirrors are manufactured locally in Los Angeles. They are water-jet cut and the cursive is laser etched. Priced between $595 and $795, the sizes are:

his majesty
1'-4" x 1'-11"
2'-0" x 2'-10"

her majesty
1'-6" x 1'-8"
2'-3" x 2'-6"

The quotes read:

"who ever loved that loved not at first sight?" (christopher marlowe)
"shall i compare thee to a summer's day?" (william shakespeare)

- they are limited edition with the edition numbers etched in the bottom of the mirror
- they are 1/4" glass mirror - not acrylic
- they are frameless and are mounted on 1/4" masonite with hanging wires attached

Now that's a mirror fit for our Marie Antoinette!


Anonymous said...

Love these mirrors they are beautiful!!

Visual Vamp said...

These appeal to the queen in me :-)
xo xo

too_cool said...

so creative and innovative blog. is not just ordinary mirror which i always see. looking forward to see another creative and innovative interior design

Carolina Eclectic said...

Very nice! Love them.

DecorPad said...

Love these! It would be so cute in a little girl's room above a vanity!

Lilly Holiday said...

how freaking cute are those mirrors.

Anonymous said...

I love these mirrors - so glamorous! I linked it to my Royalty post too, for inspiration!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I have been writing a series entitled Royal Wedding Wednesday since January and it has now culminated in a linky party.

This post is brilliant. Come link up and join in on the fun.