Sep 5, 2008

Contemporary Lightboxes

In the process of specifying for clients, there is always the research involved to gain insight and inspiration for the project. Even the simplest items require in depth research and I almost always start with the internet. Sometimes you stumble upon something you weren’t even looking for. That’s what happened to me today! In my quest for bathroom sconces – I came across these very cool lightboxes! Is it art? Is it lighting? It’s both! I am definitely looking forward to using these in a future project. And of all places, they came from one of my favorite online resources: Design Public

Their lightbox art ranges from $395-$1500....view more here!
Blog contribution by Jill Seidner Interior Design


Patricia Gray said...

They are very beautiful and so unique! Good find.

preppy little dress said...

love the lights shining in from behind! very unique!

Majic said...

These would brighten up any decor. Well done...:)

Visual Vamp said...

Let there be light! I wonder if you could make one!