Sep 23, 2008

Decorative Painting

Thought I would share the work of a very talented decorative painter I've worked with on a few of my projects, her name is Ellen Brown.

I initially contacted Ellen for a client in Beverly Hills who was looking to do some custom decorative painting in both a ceiling alcove off the entry and the adjacent living room wall. Both the client and I had some definite ideas in regard to what we were looking to achieve. We came to Ellen with some inspiration pictures, she provided some concept sketches, and the end result is seen in the pictures featured here.

Ellen was great to work with thru the process - conception to completion. Both the client and myself were happy with the end result. I just contacted Ellen again to provide some murals & ceiling decoration for a nursery.

The pictures here show the inspiration clippings, the process sketches, and the completed work.


Lisa Renee said...

Very cool! Does she hand paint them? or stencil/project the images?
If she just goes at it with a brush that must take a lot of nerve!

niartist said...

Oh I am a huge fan on the branch work she's done. That damask tone on tone metallic one you featured nearing the corner of the room (I think 2nd photo) is just to die! Lovely lovely job! What a great artist with such individual flair to have available to work with.

Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments! Ellen does do everything by hand, it's all hand painted. Her website is: