Sep 14, 2008

She's got the gift!

I have been harassing my aunt for months about coming over to take pics of her house for a blog's a lovely house that is constantly being spruced up. Whenever I get an invitation in the mail to a graduation party that is being held at her house, I immediately start looking forward to seeing the things she has done with her home and oh yeah, seeing the fam can be nice too.

Ever since I can remember, each house she has lived in has had its own unique personality. My aunt has always had impeccable taste, a great design eye, and her house always manages to look so put together. Upon my visit to her house last week, I asked her if she would ever decorate others houses since she seems to have "the gift" and she looks at me like I am a mad woman...her passion lies in decorating her house and hers alone! She is just very in tune to her own style and knows where to go to get the look she wants.

She is drawn to warm accent colors like reds and oranges, browns, and also touches of green; however, she says if she ever had a second home like a lakehouse, she could easily switch over to more cool tones for a whole new look.

Her house is so inviting...contains attractive and timeless pieces that she has invested in. She only buys things that she absolutely loves (and my uncle gives her free reign to decorate how she wants- and even approves of animal print! Something my mom is still trying to convince my dad of)

This is her formal Living Room to the left of her home's entry hall. Gorgeous rich colors encompass this room giving it a cozy look that welcomes visitors upon their arrival.

These framed prints were given to her and my uncle as wedding presents. This same look is also on the left side of her Living Room giving it perfect symmetry.

She collects Victorian paper mache mother of pearl boxes which she displays on her coffee table

She has all dark brown sofas in her house but I just adore this look.
She thinks great lighting and accessories really make a home!

I love her entry lantern...most all her lighting is from Currey and Company

Another shot of the entry

Her tall mirror goes perfectly with the tall entry ceilings- adds some height to the space. Her grouping of three frames- the two mirrors and the small piece of art looks really put together. A lamp on the right balances out the console.

This piece of art work is over two hundred years old. This is her absolute favorite piece in her home. You can barely see it but it shows three small figures jumping into the lake which reminds her of her and her two sisters. Cute!

Her dining room is my favorite room in her house which really surprised her. I think it's because I am always drawn to cooler colors and her dining area is by far the coolest hued area of her home. Gorgeous paintings are hung from venetian plaster walls. The color is a green/gray tone which really makes the dining room look elegant and dramatic.

I love her collection of plates. The leopard rug adds some playfulness and pattern to the room while the dark stained furniture is the perfect complement to the gorgeous chairs. I love dining rooms that have a few mismatched chairs in the mix on either end of the dining table. She picked out the fabric for all the chairs and they get along great with eachother don't you think?

My aunt's best decorating advice?

Hold out until you find things you really love and have a plan before you start decorating!

Ooh the chandelier in here is to die for...maybe she will sell it to me in thirty years once she tires of it... :)

The family room is attached to the kitchen in an open floor plan and chocolate browns, reds, and golds envelope the room

Love love love her sofa and the contrast it makes with the light coffee table

Her zebra chair is so adorable- gotta have that extra touch of animal print in each room!

Again, she goes to town with the symmetrical art pieces (you can never go wrong with this look) Simply stunning

One thing she hates- clutter! You will never see her toaster or blender on her kitchen countertop.

A lot of her accessories she gets at Marburger Farms in Round Top (twice a year)...I've been itching to go out there!

Her dog refusing to be photographed- hiding behind the chair...

Her breakfast area

And now for the master bedroom..this is her favorite room in the house. Now that it is complete, her next project will be tackling the master bathroom!

A bed would not be complete without a set of upholstered boxes (or benches or chairs...)

Floor length mirror in a pretty and colorful paisley add some pizzazz behind her nighstand.

Gorgeous pillows to boot!

Well that's the end of the tour...the upstairs is off limits as she is working on her daughter's room-perhaps when it's all done, she'll let me take a peek (with my camera) to show all of you!

Oh yeah, one more room that I got a kick out of- (knowing how much my aunt likes to switch out her decor) the spacious and infamous attic where all her old furniture goes to retire...maybe her dining chandelier will someday make its way up here...or into my home! :)


annechovie said...

Thanks for the tour, Emily! Your aunt's home is lovely. Have a great week!

Fifi Flowers said...

Lovely home... and I ADORE the chandelier!
Thanks for the tour!

Things That Inspire said...

What a beautiful home! I love the entry lantern and the dining room chandelier is spectacular. I see the lantern in the Currey catalog, but I don't think the dining room chandelier is Currey...I would love to know where she got it! It is spectacular.

Emily-EJ Interiors-Dallas said...

Hi! Thanks everyone- I'll have to forward the comments along to her! I thought the chandelier was Currey- I know she got it at a showroom in Dallas that has since closed down but I thought it was made by Currey..hmmm I'll get back to you on that one when she emails me back!

Things That Inspire said...

Oh, this is killing me, I saw that chandelier on the Better Homes and Gardens website! E-mail me if you want me to send the image. thingsthatinspire at gmail dot com.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what paint color is in the foyer? Plz... Loved the toor... I'm inspired thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Foyer looks a lot like the sherwin williams rice grain i have in my home or kilm beige ive seen online but was to dark for my foyer