Sep 3, 2008

Material Girls/Swank Lighting Contest Prizes!

Winners of the Material Girls/Swank Lighting design contest will be the proud owners of these beautiful lamps!

1st place/Grand Prize- a pair of Swank Lighting Lamps valued at $2,190.
Winner can choose any color including (T-Bird Blue, Red/Orange, Vanilla, Sea Foam Green, and Lavender Berry)

Winner can also choose how they want the lamps configured...
Right side up as in the T-Bird Blue above or Inverted as in the Red/Orange below

2nd place- a pair of Swank Lighting Lamps valued at $1,600. Winner will be able to choose between the green pictured, T-Bird Blue, Red, or Lavender Berry

3rd place- a pair of Swank Lighting lamps valued at $900. Winner gets the two lamps pictured which comprise 6 different candy colors of hand blown glass balls by Burchetta Glass

Thanks Swank for the wonderful contribution and good luck everyone!


SimplyGrove said...

Wow!! That is amazing! Way to go MG's! Come over to my blog today and enter in my quite smaller scale contest:)

Emily said...

Thanks! We will definitely be enterting your contest! See you over at your blog in a sec :) Maegan said...

i am in love with those blue lamps! They would look AMAZING in our bedroom. and now I must have them :)

coco+kelley said...

wowsa! you gals really upped the ante on this one. hm. i'm about to have some time on my hands so i may just have to go for it on this one! the lamps are gorgeous!

bandelle said...

This is the best contest ever! I'll work on my entry because I LOVE those blue lamps.