Sep 29, 2008

Tableware- "Cruising" along from night!

Often in Us Weekly or People, there will be that article that shows "day" Katie Cruise and "night" Katie Cruise. "Day" Katie will appear with less makeup, large sunglasses, wearing skinny or "boyfriend" jeans, strolling around looking more casual. "Night" Katie has smokey eye makeup, a tight fitting dress or ball gown on, and looking positively stunning- ready for a more formal occasion.

Day Katie
Night Katie

Your tableware should follow this same transformation. It's always good to have two sets- one that's more casual for the daytime and another that is more fancy for when dinner guests come over.
I don't believe in never using your good china either. Something so expensive and special shouldn't just be collecting dust in your cabinets! Break them out when good friends are over- there is never a better time than today!

I love Cielo Home and its tableware collections that are categorized under Formal Table (night) and Everyday Table (day)
Everyday table:

This dessert plate was designed by renowned Italian designer Missoni (known for their colorful and creative patterns) Retails at $58

Missoni dress (looks similar to the plate above)

Katie also in casual floral for day wear

Another "Everyday" table item- this Checks Round plate was designed by Thomas Kellar

Katie in a similar pattern

Formal Table:
This plate, designed by John Derian, was an Elle Decor award winner! At $158 each, this plate is worth every penny- gorgeous! Every piece is hand signed by John himself. The colors he used look perfect together as does the mini "brooch" looking piece in the center of the design.

Katie with a similar brooch looking design on her dress

This coral "Cristobal" dessert plate, was designed by Alberto Pinto (he is hired by royals and also celebs to design their homes and palaces!) What a fun job. I love the vibrant, deep hue in this plate- I can see this table setting being really dramatic at night- especially if it was paired with black, white and gold!

Katie also breaking out her fiery red for night!

As you can see, there is a time and a place for different sets of china (informal and more formal)...take it from Katie, she won't be wearing her boyfriend jeans on the red carpet anytime soon!


SimplyGrove said...

Gorgeous post! Love the cielo home plate:)

Lindsey said...

You are a genius! What a great post!

Lisa Renee said...

Really cool post! For some reason, buying dinner-wear sets is something I'm most excited for when I get my first apartment/condo/place. I guess I always love looking down the aisle at Target, there's currently a zebra set that is always catching my eye!

THE ROOST said...

Love the post and the parallel between Kate's dress and dinner ware.

Down Comforter said...

wow wow wow
simply amazing

Lawn Mowers said...

I like the designs, Thanks a lot for sharing great ideas.