Jan 10, 2009

Calico's Cut to Order

About a year and a half ago, I was helping my grandparents redecorate their living room. There wasn't a question in my mind where I could go to find affordable fabrics for them. Calico Corners always seemed to have that (to put it nicely) "mature"/"grandma" look to their fabrics. In my mind, that included ones that were safe and a little passe. It was painful for me to go there and sift through their mass amount of primary colored plaid or check patterns. When oh when will they target designers and clients who covet the geometrics, the bright, the fun, the stylish, I wondered?

Fast forward just a year or so later and their inventory seems to have transformed (for the better). It now includes fashionable and fun "cut to order" fabrics at an incredibly low price. These patterns are a lot more cutting edge than you would have previously seen at Calico and you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on them either.

I am now helping my sister and brother in law out with their new home. She wanted custom drapes for their dining room- something sophisticated and classy but didn't want to spend a fortune on expensive fabric on top of having to pay for a professional to make them.
Enter: Calico. We found this pretty cream, brown, and blue floral for only $29.99/yard and had my sewing work room make two goblet pleated panels out of the fabric. It looks fabulous!

Location: These fabrics are hanging up below the normal fabric bolts (categorized by color- which makes them nice and easy to locate!) You can also check them out...just make sure you don't lose the samples- they cost $50 a sample to replace! (Trust me, I KNOW!) :(

They ship right to your door- takes about 7-10 days

I am using this lively dark brown fabric for a playroom valance in one of my projects

Calico actually has a great "purple" fabric selection. I've realized that it's very hard to find fashionable purple fabrics that don't look like they have been sitting on the shelf for 20 years.

You just never know what you might find there...definitely worth a stop over!


Colour Me Happy said...

I like the purple one with the leaves!

Erica Smith, ASID said...

Wow, I'm really impressed. I am more familiar with designer showrooms and it's great to know of resources at other price points.

I like to post my own well-priced finds on my blog, http://ericagail.blogspot.com. I think I'll link to this post!