Jan 19, 2009

Text As Both Structure + Decoration

A group of multifaceted designers located in Calgary, Canada are striving to construct unique situations that explore the intrinsic nature of their own embedded narratives., creating a continuously evolving dialogue between the object, the individual and the environment.  Phew!  Heady stuff.
I found this company, and have had an interesting chat with one of the designers, Ian, after searching for some perfect lounge chairs for a commercial design studio that I am currently working on.  I am again amazed at the pertinent qualities that one can find in the world of interior design.  Having won some major design awards, Palette Industries, continues to surprise and provide us with some typographical wonders!
The purpose of the chair is to create a situation where the participant is embraced by the possibilities of creating a relationship with the object based on personal experiences and memories..thus increasing the lifespan of the product.  I think that it is such a beauty that you don't even have to think that hard about it to appreciate.  And, while you are at it sign up to purchase one of the first 100 "Dharma Lounge" chairs available.  Certain to become collector's items.

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