Jan 21, 2009

Coast to Coast Restaurant Design

Restaurant Design: we are always looking at the interiors of homes but these days furnishings from our homes are popping up in restaurant design. Hospitality Design is a big business and it's hard not to walk by an amazingly designed bar, lobby, hotel, or restaurant. Here are some very chic spaces to dine in from coast to coast:

L'Ardoise Bistro in San Francisco. Filled with Parisian touches like flea market lamps.

Elizabeth in NYC has a noir den combining the luxury of a "Monte Carlo casino with the villainy of a pirate's lair."

The Dakota Restaurant at the Roosevelt in Hollywood. The outdoor dining atmosphere is like having dinner on vacation.

Parlor Steakhouse in NYC. Divided into a casually chic, banquetted first floor (w/ glass-enclosed patio) and a fireplace-abetted basement level.

The Stork in Hollywood is a space constructed to look like a NY loft, with walls of brick imported from an old Naval base and windows from Andy Warhol's Factory.

XIV in Hollywood is a modern European parlor (Italian swan sofas & hardwood bookshelves juxtaposed against a gleaming stainless steel wall).

Edison Downtown is a 1920's style speakeasy in downtown Los Angeles.

The new Andaz Hotel in LA: Andaz on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood features a lobby, bar, and rooftop pool as part of the new hotel.

L'Artusi in New York City. Love the striped ceiling!

Faith & Whiskey is located in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. The bar is a 50 foot copper topped bar with distressed black oak. The decorative light fixtures consists of backlit steer skulls, antler chandeliers, and a deer's head covered entirely in silver ball bearings.

Located in Palo Alto (Northern California, Bay Area), Calafia is an 85-seat indoor/outdoor resto-market done in a rustic dairy-style with reclaimed wood ceilings and a chandelier made of old milk bottles!

(Unfortunately, I do not have all of the names of the designers who may be responsible for the interior design for the restaurants featured. If anyone has names or websites, I'd be happy to credit.)


Jill said...

I love the design of Edison. It's so glam. I never go to LA anymore. I lived in Pasadena for 6 months several years ago and really enjoyed the area.

Anonymous said...

The designer for Faith & Whiskey in Chicago is the owner, Hunter Cannon.

I-5 Design & Manufacture said...

These were great designs to review. The all have a uniqueness about them. Thank you for sharing.

Pompano Beach Restaurant said...

Looking Gud desig. thanks for the sharing pics

Shannon Prokup said...

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