Jan 28, 2009

"Furniture with a soul"

The first time I ventured in to Nadeau Imports, also known as "furniture with a soul", was last Summer when I was looking for a brightly painted console table for the pediatric dentist office I was working on. I ended up finding the perfect green console for the space and for $150 wholesale price. What a bargain! That was back when it was to-the-trade only.
But just a few weeks ago, Nadeau opened up its doors to the public. Having thought Nadeau existed solely in Dallas, I was very surprised when I opened up my Elle Decor this month and saw that the winner of Season 2 Top Design, Nathan Thomas, had used chairs from Nadeau to place around his dining room vignette in the winning episode!

He also used some other furniture of Nadeau's in the Living area. Apparently there are 15 other Nadeau Imports in the country! (Atlanta, LA, Chicago, etc, etc) Who knew!

I decided to venture out to Nadeau (on probably the coldest day of the year) and see what they had in stock. This place has incredibly decent prices and if you are in the market for handcrafted solid wood furniture, this is the place for you! Tons of bright painted pieces...these make for such fun accents in a room.

The good thing about the Nadeau warehouse (in Dallas) is that it's just a hop skip and a jump away from the Crate and Barrell outlet...having both of these discounted stores in one area is great, but can certainly be dangerous for my wallet!


Elizabeth said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. I'm in the Seattle area, and sometimes it feels like there aren't many options available in the Northwest!

What is Nadeau's pricing like?

Emily Johnston | EJ Interiors said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Your most welcome! They have wholesale prices- so I got a console there (at the one in Dallas) for $150!! Other prices go up from there- depending on how big the piece. They have some huge armoires and shelving units also. But it's VERY reasonable!! Certainly a great resource.