Jan 20, 2009

Lamps in the kitchen?

Would you ever put lamps on your kitchen countertop like they did here? Something to ponder!
{Image via Southern Accents}


K at Blog Goggles said...

I would probably end up accidentely knocking them off the counter (while reheating leftovers - not much cooking happens in my kitchen) and then stepping on the many tiny shards that they would break into. Who knows what would happen next - tetanus??

Just kidding. But I am definitely too clumsy for things like that.

julia b. edelmann said...

Love it!
Where is the image from? I need one of those tall love seat's stat!

Emily Johnston | EJ Interiors said...

Haha! K- you remind me so much of myself- I was thinking the same thing- that I would trip over a cord or something!

Julia- image from Southern Accents!

susieq said...

I keep seeing lamps on kitchen counters in all the magazines. I think it's more of a styling thing for photography than an actual trend. I too love those tall love seats. However, I can't imagine white fabric in our kitchen! With my 2 girls and 2 dogs, it would be "patterned" in no time.

julia b. edelmann said...

I love the patterned "patina" look! I have it going on in my home.

Joop Johansen said...

Well, it is a large kitchen, but I'll have to agree with the others. They would just end up being in the way, and get knocked down or something.