Jan 19, 2009

To market we did go...

Today I attended the Home and Gift Market at The Dallas Market Center.

I have actually never been to the market as a buyer. I've only worked the event (about five years ago) at the showroom, The Patricia Group. It was definitely time for me to experience the other side of market. However, my mom, sister, and I soon realized that going showroom to showroom was no easy feat! By the end, of the day, our feet were sore and we were all showroomed out. But I must say it was a great experience and really not as crowded as we had anticipated.

Although I visit the Market Center on a regular basis, it's a lot more interesting when all of the showrooms have their newest products out and set up in creative vignettes (not to mention, each showroom offers tasty little foods and drinks, which is always a plus!)

One of my favorite showrooms is Global Views. They recently expanded their space and it is now huge! Lots of glitz and glamour adorn their vignettes. Sunburst mirrors, metallics, and graphic prints are hard to miss here.

Another must see showroom on my list was In Detail. Although I frequent here a lot, it never gets old visiting their Arteriors section among other lines- lots of great lighting, mirrors, end/coffee tables, wall hangings and accessories.

Cute Greek key pillows- Lauren, this is for you!

One fun showroom that I stumbled upon for the first time was Two's Company. I have purchased some of their furniture before (from another store) and had no idea that they existed in the DMC! Lots of fresh, bright colors in their showroom- just in time for Spring!

Their "wedding" section....
I was planning on taking a lot more photos, but my camera dying put a real kink in my plans!
Post camera dying- I also visited my favorite lighting showroom, Taylors on Ten (they have Visual Comfort lighting here, etc) and In the Mix.
So much fun and such a different atmosphere at the DMC than I am used to- will definitely be back next year!


Jill said...

I love In Detail...I haven't been to market in a while. It always takes so long to receive anything that you order. Love the pictures. The Las Vegas market is on my to do list for 2009.

Carolina Eclectic said...

I haven't been there in quite a while! I need to call you next market.

Emily Johnston | EJ Interiors said...

Hi Jill,
Me too! Las Vegas market? Now THAT would be fun :)

Call me next time you go Carolina! That would be so fun to go around with another desiger- someone who can really appreciate everything!

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

I really want to go there sometime.