Jan 14, 2009

Cheap Find o' the Day

$59 @ Marshalls/Home Goods

My husband made the comment the other day that me saying that I would never get sick of Greek Key because it's "classic," is like him saying he'd never need another t.v. in his life (I recently surprised him with a shiny new one for his birthday) .  How depressing is that?  Do you think blogs *gasp* unintentionally beat certain trends or motifs into the ground?  Is it exciting that nail heads, metallics, and greek key have made their way to Home Goods (and are accessible) or is it simply the beginning of the end?

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honeybee23@optonline.net said...

It's exciting! Simply because believe it or not, not everyone knows what the greek key (or the dipylon vase) is. Just because Home Goods has it, doesn't mean others will appreciate it or even purchase it. Too often I've seen an exciting item and overheard another shopper say "wow, can you believe how ugly this is!". I simply wait for them to walk away so I can grab it up :) You can bring inspiration to a discount store, but you can't make an unimaginative mind want to buy it.