Jan 11, 2009

Take a permanent vacay!

Some of my favorite vacations that I've been on are those that have been just a few miles from my own house! Last August I took a quick "trip" to the W Hotel in Dallas for a weekend. I only had a couple of days to get away and it seemed like a fun alternative to going through the whole rigmarole of flying somewhere.

I stayed in the smallest room that they had available of course, but I can only imagine what the larger rooms and suites must have looked like!

Two days was certainly not enough time at the glamorous hotel, so when I found this website, the W Hotels Store, I thought what a great alternative to staying in the W....you can actually live in the W! Well not quite, but you can purchase their sheets, bedding, accessories, Bliss bath products, books, and electronics for your own home.

I love this acrylic Magino side table- use it as a stool, seat, side, table or magazine rack

Are you like me and love to curl up in crisp white, luxury hotel bedding? Their classic bedding comes in a satin stich embroidery- black on white or ivory on white

I thought these colorful lamps were cute- especially the hot pink!

The next best thing to their hotel bedding is taking a trip to Bliss. They sell their products on the website- the Soapy Sap is great as is their Body Butter!

You don't see faux flowers like this at P Barn! I thought these were definitely different and interesting- can get them in silver or 24 k gold plate

This gold loop candelabra was inspired by the Fibonacci curve in nature.

The Ring Node Bowl is another intriguing accessory that the W store sells. Would look super cute with yellow lemmons in it!

If you like anything we've shown you, visit their website to get 35% off sitewide!
Use this code: R5GC6

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