Jan 26, 2009

I Have Been Caught Dreaming...

Been traveling quite a bit for business and kiddo stuff.. .college auditions for our young, talented,  classical musician,  and have been searching through archives of amazing dream bedrooms.  Not sure if I need to wake up or sleep more deeply through this process :)
Some of my favorites are from British Homes & Gardens.
This "Modern Classic" example is alive with blocks of colour (gotta love that) accented with florals and geometrics.  Subtle, soothing shades emphasize the cocooning nature of the room, while ceramics and accessories in pure white impart light relief...that I dig.
This "New-Look Country" is based on texture and pattern which brings a sense of intimacy (blush) to this bedroom scene.  A dramatic floral wallpaper, tempered by clean lined furniture and unfussy curtains, gives the space a romantic feel without being overwhelming.
"Boudoir Chic" is all about an over-sized bedhead (UK speak for headboard) that creates a striking focal point and works beautifully with a delicate color palette.  Subtly patterned wallpaper, plus accessories and cushions in silk and taffeta add to the sense of glamour and luxury.
Hmmmm.  Looking for a bit of shut eye......


Best Bedroom Designs said...

Great Bedroom design. They have got classic look.

Thanks for posting.

Demi Hibbard said...

"Boudir Chic" looks right out of Gossip Girl, Julia!! Too cool!