Jan 11, 2009

Keith Haring | NYC

For those who have known me forever, most know I am a huge huge huge fan of Keith Haring's artwork. Since high school, I have collected his works: lithographs, prints, posters, and all else that is Keith Haring (Pop Shop: calendars, books, postcards, toys, watches, etc.)

So on my recent trip to New York (where I spent the day with my friend Tanya - whom I've known since the 7th Grade!) it was only fitting that we came upon the building that houses the Keith Haring Foundation. I was so happy to find his (original) artwork in the lobby of the building.

What a great find for me - my love of Keith Haring along with experiencing it with my friend Tanya - both I've had a "relationship" with for over the past twenty years! (Pictured above: Jill & Tanya)

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