Jan 1, 2009

A New Contest for a New Year!

Do you think you have the world's ugliest bathroom?  I want you to prove it!  

For this month's Material Girls Design Challenge, I will be re-designing the lucky reader's bathroom that I deem the ugliest in the land!  Mauve toilet?  Peeling wallpaper?  Carpet?!  I want to see what monstrosity you have been living with for probably waaaaay too long.

To enter the contest please email me, Lauren, with the following (please submit by 1.31.09):

**At least 4 images of all angles of the bathroom.

**Detailed room dimensions including the center-line of your sink(s) and toilet (please feel free to email me if you have questions).

**A few inspiration pictures of bathrooms that you adore so I can get a feel for your style.

After the first fifty entries or the last day of the month (whichever comes first), we will post a note on our blog that the giveaway submittal window has ended.

Here is a reminder of our contest calendar:

1st- Challenge announced

15th- Previous challenge winner announced on our blog as well as the solution to the challenge

Last day of the month- All entrants must be emailed to the designer who is taking on that month's challenge.

We're talking free design people, I want see those ugly bathrooms!

1 comment:

Visual Vamp said...

Ha ha!
I will be sending you my four photos pronto!
xo xo