Mar 1, 2009

The Buzz on Bunny!

Bunny Williams is getting a lot of hype lately for her new furniture collection, BeeLine Home. It seems to be in every magazine that I've come across this month, and now we know why. Her furnishings are exquisite- nothing short of spectacular.

Just went to the website to check the stylish pieces out for myself. There isn't a whole lot in terms of quantity, but according to the website, new pieces will be introduced each year.
This chair wins my vote for the most gorgeous painted chair. If you are attached to this style but want a heavier look, not to worry, she also offers it in a medium stained walnut finish.
Look at the beautiful detailing on her Eglomise coffee table. The pretty sea green top paired with the gilt iron base makes this table a truly unforgettable Williams piece.

I usually seem to steer away from yellow, but not in this case. Just a dollop of yellow here puts the colorful icing on a more muted cake. The cream walls and darker furnishings tone down the bright pillows. I'd honestly be afraid to step foot in this room and disrupt its symmetrical perfection!
Here's a closeup of those uplifting sunny yellow pillows...

How come no one has thought of this before? And in unlacquered brass, no less! This wastebasket with handles would make it sooo much easier to take out the style too!

And my next favorite chair on the website- the Eclipse
Pull it up to a desk or dining part is, for this chair and the Regale, you can supply your own material. Now how's that for custom!

And the chair above would look striking paired with her Rosewood table.

And what's even better than sitting home at your computer sifting through Bunny's collection? Seeing it in person! I just discovered that Mecox in Dallas sells some of the BeeLine Home products- off to Knox Street I go!

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Dana said...

Bunny William's Beeline Home furniture collection is simply stunning and beautiful.

I like the Eglomise coffee table, sunny yellow pillows, wastebasket with handles and rosewood tables.