Mar 26, 2009

Face Off: Nikki Vs. Brian: Martinique Wallpaper

Seems as if heiress Nikki Hilton and Brian Atwood have the same taste in wallpaper. And both in their dining rooms, no less!

This Martinique wallpaper is as famous" as its owners. It resides in The Fountain Coffee Room at The Beverly Hills Hotel.
This signature banana leaf wallpaper has been there since the 50's and was chosen by decorator Don Loper.
Which dining room do you like it in better?

Nikki's- this tropical but feminine, pink-accented dining room was designed out of nostalgia for the Beverly Hills Hotel. Nikki practically grew up there! Ahhh memories....

Brian's- Ok well maybe Brian didn't grow up in the Beverly Hills hotel, but he sure does like this wallpaper! So much in fact, that boyfriend Nate Berkus and him didn't quite see eye to eye on it. Nate began to have nightmares about the infamous paper before it was even installed! Not to worry, Nate eventually grew to love the wallpaper just as much as Brian!

Brian's dining room is a bit more masculine, modern, and sleek than Nikki's, but one thing they do have in common, is that their wallpaper sure does make a statement!

So what's your opinion on this paper and whose home does it fit best in?

{Apparently you can buy the iconic Martinique wallpaper here- just in case you want to pull a Nikki...or a Brian!}


Anonymous said...

Jeesh, that wallpaper is everywhere, I believe it was in a MIMI Read room in the Sept 08 issue of House Beautiful. Then I def remember seeing it on an episode of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, when Chad was showing an apartment to Rick and Kathy Hilton, and she was like "I have the same wallpaper!" So like Mother like Daughter, I guess.

Social Hour Club said...

This is so Blanche from the Golden Girls!

Nevis said...

TOTALLY Blanche from the Golden Girls!

And I think I like Nikki's version better...something about that pink against the green is so refreshing.

wide open spaces said...

I can appreciate the wallpaper, i'm just not so sure about in the dining room. Something about it seems rather...unappetizing. perhaps that's the point? keep 'em thin!

Chris said...

Personally I think the wall paper, when used across the whole room, is way to busy - it kind of makes you feel tired just looking at. Way too much going on.

Rishi said...

For me this wallpaper is unique and great as it seems somebody has pasted leafs on the wall.

RG Creative Web

Rishi said...

For me this wallpaper is unique and great as it seems somebody has pasted leafs on the wall. It looks very natural.


RG Creative Web

Emily Johnston | EJ Interiors said...

Did Blanche from the Golden Girls have that wallpaper? I must google!

I like Nikki's version better too. But I am such a girly girl- anything with pink, I'm all for!


Annette said...

That is just some wonderful walls!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Nate Berkus is really cute, but a great designer?? Ummmmmm....???

He bought an apartment designed by Samuel Marx in the late 1940's, commissioned by the Block family. The photos of Nates "conversion" were actually, what's the right word?, HORRIFING!! It's like tricking out Coco Chanels apartment in Ikea and found objects.

The wallpaper?? It's HIDEOUS!!