Mar 17, 2009

ducduc, goose!

I first stumbled upon a children's furniture maker called ducduc when I attended ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in NYC a few years ago. I was browsing for ideas and inspiration for a project I was working on; designing 3 children's bedrooms and a playroom. ducduc was the first line of children's furniture I saw with a modern aesthetic, clean lines, and bright colors. They gave me a promotional T-shirt with their adorable logo on it, a simple duck in orange on the front and it read "quack baby" on the back.

I proudly jogged around Brooklyn in that T-shirt! (And I'd like to think I drummed up some business for them!) They were previously carried only by other retailers (Design Public, 2Modern, etc.) but they now have their own showroom at 525 Broadway in NYC. I ended up purchasing this play table for my client's son.
They even have some furniture that I would gladly purchase for myself. Why should the kids get all the nice stuff?
I'm also a big fan of their complete room designs. (And everyone knows I'm OBSESSED with this wallpaper!)
Not only is the furniture manufactured right here in the USA, the people at ducduc are friends of the environment and strong supporters of several charitable organizations. I realize this look isn't for everyone but I suspect there are dozens of brownstones in Park Slope decked out in ducduc!


Canvas Printing said...

They have really nice designs, tasteful but still functional. Plus, they're environment friendly and socially responsible. What more can you ask for?

Down Comforter said...

Really great kids' furniture :) I'd love to have the white console with wood front for myself.