Mar 8, 2009

Maggie Knows Her Stuff!

Fresh off of our meeting to discuss a new art commission, I am thrilled to share the work of Maggie Meiners.  Primarily, self trained her work focuses on documenting the beauty, complications, emotions and surprises of everyday life.
Maggie's compositions are direct, to the point of appearing minimal, while her subject matter, conversely discloses significant complexity.
Maggie is currently working on a series involving the use of color and random patterns as a way of bringing the viewer into the meditative process of making photographs.  Intentionally blurred,  these examples show magnificent color and possess a sublime presence.   All images are from her website.  Stay tuned for her modern take on the  silhouette which is a personal favorite of mine!
Part of the "Shared Elements" series....Graphic and simple...This piece is titled "Black or White"
 Maggie has an amazing collection of Polaroid images that are refined and three dimensional.  Using  the edges of the film as the frames you can really feel the spaces. "Utah Canyon" is exquisite....
"Red White and Blue"
"Figure Eight"

 "Poppies" reminds me of the spring that we are craving here in Chi town.  Word on the street is that Maggie may be part of a satellite exhibit during Art Chicago in May.  If it happens, I will be posting about it here! 

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Rosie Campbell said...

Maggie does know her stuff! Love them all, especially red, white and blue.