Mar 27, 2009

East and West: Rashida's Best!

I just saw I Love You Man and it was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while! I have loved Rashida Jones ever since she was on The Office.

But how could you not love her? She is so freakin adorable! And we think just the same about her NYC studio apartment that was featured in Domino, in Feb '08.

Her apartment is only 400 sq ft but this little lady managed to transform it to fit all of her needs! One large room holds a dining area, living area, and bedroom! The article gives great tips on how to save space and organize effectively.

Her studio makeover included these things:

1) Efficient floor plan 2) Hidden Storage 3) Focused color scheme

Her color scheme included soothing light blue, black and white, with splashes of bold magenta!
Her symmetrical arrangement is perfect- two bookshelves flank a dainty white sofa.

I love her black Panton chairs- incredibly chic!

She managed to combine a bunch of different styles in her apartment and make it all look so seamlessly put together.

Fast forward a year later and her home is featured in Glamour. No, not that home...the other home! This one is on the west coast, in Los Angeles, and let me just tell you this home is just as fabulous as the last one we showed you!

Her LA home was designed by the talented Katie Fine and her celeb stylist friend, Estee Stanley. It looks simply stunning, I must say! This bright and colorful home seems to fit Rashida's charming personality to a tee.

A lot of the furnishings came from Mecox and LA's Dan Marty Design.

This living space looks so comfortable and provides a great place for guests to go and mingle (Rashida likes to entertain a lot). Walls are Elephant's Breath by Farrow and Ball.

So now that we've seen her initial two houses, all that's left to do is wait for her to move again! We need our next installment of Rashida home eye candy. She has the east coast down, and now the west, but how about Texas, Rashida? It's a nice and central locale!


Maria Killam said...

Love that space! I posted just that one photo of the sofa a while ago, but you have the scoop on the entire place! Thanks for the great images!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

I really enjoyed this post. I just did a post on dan's wonderful showrooms. Thanks for sharing.

alishagwen said...

this was a great post! perfect addition to my morning coffee :)

my favorite and my best said...

she's so pretty and cool. and so is her home. thanks for sharing!

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Gorgeous! Both of her homes are so lovely. Great post!

Icovia fan said...

Hey I love the floor plan you drew and wanted to share with you my interactive version of it including the photos you posted on your blog. Please check it out via this link:

Tiaa @ EYInteriors said...

I think her homes are fabulous! Great post!

Down Comforter said...

She has such great style. I want her fabulous couch...and her bed...and...