Mar 22, 2009

Such charm...!

...encompassed the newest Traditional Home. The San Francisco home that they featured this month was really inspiring. Bright colors and bold prints throughout the space made for a very cheerful and lively setting.
Yellow and blue aren't two colors that I'd normally think to put together, but it looks really pretty and works well here. It could be the fact that they paired them with a bunch of muted cream accents. Do you think if the walls were anything but cream it would have still looked this tranquil? The rug, roman shade, accent tables, and lamp all seem to disappear into the background and let the colorful chairs, sofa, and pillows take center stage.

Yellow tables mixed in with green chairs, green lamps, and a pink sofa? Done and done! These homeowners aren't afraid of a little color and show this Victorian home who's boss!

Sleek metallic bar stools provide a modern flair.

Such a happy place to sleep!

I think if you lived here, with a touch of yellow in each room (done on purpose), you'd have no other choice but to be optimistic, as this color means joy and happiness.


Sam said...

So cheery... Great post for Spring.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Loved this post! Thanks for sharing.