Mar 24, 2009

Star-Studded Closets

We constantly see celebs looking flawless and dressed to the nines on the red carpet. But do you ever wonder where all that magic first began? Well, it starts in a "little" place I like to call, a celeb's closet.

Whose is secretly a pig sty? (think Jessica Simpson on Newlyweds) Which celeb has their jeans carefully categorized according to light, medium, and dark blues?

Well, we wish we could show you the secretly messy celeb closets....but that aint gonna happen in this lifetime! As long as there are magazines and staged photo shoots, we'll only get to see those perfectly organized closets (the ones that we yearn for)

Most of these closet photo shoots consist of stars prancing around their closet, wearing their Sunday best, carefully posing, wait, I mean pondering, which outfit they will be sporting on their next trip to the tanning bed.

Kim, you are all dressed up for us- you shouldn't have!

Singer Jewel's closet is nice and simple. Her closet looks like maybe something she maintains without an assistant's help. But you never know, this picture probably cut off half the closet!

A boa? Rollerskates? What's going on here in pop sensation Miley's dressing room? Didn't her mom teach her not to skate in the house/closet?

How could you expect anything less from miss Paris Hilton? I don't think an inch of closet space is left!

The closet everyone covets- Rachel Zoe's!

Decisions, decisions...Jamie Lynn Sigler wonders what to wear on her date with Entourage's "Turtle"!
I don't think she will have a problem finding the right shoes!

I bet baby Harlow's closet is just as big as her fashionista mom's!

Jessica trying on shoes in her closet (featured in In Style). I don't think she has enough hats?!

Kimora's closet is crammed with things! At least her closet gives off a homey vibe with a leopard print carpet, Louis side "table", and antique chaise.

I like how Nikki's closet within a closet has glass doors so you can just shove everything in and close it on up! The dark wood floors are a nice touch also.

Mariah Carey's home was on MTV Cribs a while back and she has her own room- just for shoes! She owns more than 1,000 pairs- just a leetle excessive I think! You'd have to wear about three different pairs each day to wear all of them in a year! Who has the time!

And America's cutie patootie, Eva Longoria. We'll let her have as many shoes as she wants, she's just so adorable.

I'm not sure why Paula keeps buying more clothes because she ends up on the worst dressed list in Us Weekly at least once a week. She needs Tim Gunn to come over and do some spring cleaning in that closet!
Hope you enjoyed the celeb closet tour! It definitely made me want to re-organize my whole closet now- maybe I'll add a "shoe room"...or better yet, a shoe corner!! Mariah would be so proud!


Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

Great post! Thanks for all the inspiration! Now I really REALLY want a walk in closet... That Mariah one is insane though... Looks like she has 300 pairs of gold sandals?

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Fun post! Rachel Zoe deserves a closet upgrade!

Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Great post! It's always fun to see celeb closets.

Ava Lee said...

my favorite is definately Nicky Hilton's. I love everything about it. The floors, the glass closets. Though most coveted closet of all time? Definately Carrie Bradshaw's Fifth Avenue closet that Mr. Big miraculously carved out of seemingly nothing.

Anonymous said...

Love the closet tour! Wonder who they get to hang up all the clothes?

Down Comforter said...

I'm sooo jealous!!! I feel the need to go shopping now...

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I loved this post. I would kill for a closet like any of these! And some of the shoes and clothes and handbags to go with them. :-)

denise ann lee said...

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