Mar 5, 2009

Oh Lucy!

 In these times of rediscovery...have you heard of the master of the word "repurpose?"  Her name is Lucy Slivinski.   Lucy graduated from Northern Illinois University and has an MFA from Cranbrook.   She deliciously shares her art with us all.   Nothing tossed or forgotten gets by her....She is truly a renaissance woman. 
 Lucy dominates this space with color!  Salvaged steel tanks and chain wax eloquent considering their past.
Recycled felted sweaters encompassed by steel....
Amazing and brilliant...crocheted steel wire and concrete.
The "Green Moss Series."  Materials include sisal, steel, and paint. Real and organic.
This piece titled "Bundle." Magnificent!
See crocheted steel wire and concrete....  Hangers have a new life.

How ever does the old tried and true aluminum lawn chair become this stellar sculpture?  Only in the hands of Lucy Slivinski!  I am proud to be a fan.  Again,  I would like to share another Chicago artiste with the rest of the material girls consortium.  Enjoy!

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maison21 said...

really awesome work- thanks so much for sharing it with us. (i think i need the aluminum chair sculpture for my yard).