Mar 29, 2009

Pantone's 2010 Predictions

Pantone, the color experts, are at it again...and six months early! They recently came out with a Home + Interiors 2010 set of swatch cards of each of the 78 forecasted colors (including an additional neutrals palette). These cards encompass the anticipated trendy paint colors for next year.

Available for purchase!


Musette said...

That word 'trend' always scares me. Perhaps I'm just too ancient but I don't think home decor/design and 'trend' should be closely aligned. I'm not advocating traditional by any means - just that people should focus more on what they really are comfortable with and less with what is trendy (I always had issues with Elle Decor's Trend Watch - my (least) favorite was when they would 'trend' home scents!)

Okay, rant over! Carry on:-)

LOVE your blog, btw - and thrilled to know you are in the area!

Ciara Harte said...

This really is my favourite blog! Well done guys!!