Mar 18, 2009

Eddie on Etsy!

Just discovered that Eddie Ross is on Etsy! You know how much the MG's heart Etsy (AND Eddie Ross for that matter!)

To find out that Eddie, whose own home we admire so much, is selling a unique collection of hand picked, antique tabletop on one of our favorite sites, well, let's just say that we couldn't have heard better news! Each and every piece he specially selected from his travels around the world and handled with the utmost TLC- he washed, iron, or polished every piece by hand.

Did we mention that each piece is $100 and under too?

Such classic pieces....that "E" sterling silver spoon would fit in nicely in my silverware drawer.

I need to buy some of his pieces for my own home. The good news is that he updates his finds every Wednesday so there will be some pieces leftover for our readers after I buy out his whole shop! Gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your sweet post!!! have a great weekend!!

Down Comforter said...

Thanks for the head's up - gotta love Etsy :)