Mar 13, 2009

More Shelving News....

I received some more entries today....And, I was thinking....I like the idea of painting both the bookshelves and the interior an amazing color.   Something in a direct contrast to the surrounding wall color.  Give me some feedback on your favorite colors for further inspiration! Boy, the lucky challenge winner is going to have it made :)


Colour Me Happy said...

That is a lovely image of a well styled bookshelf. One of my favourite greens is 2145-40 Fernwood Green. It's fresh without being too funky.

Willow Decor: said...

You know me: Miss Neutral - but I think Arctic Shadows BM1559 would be a pretty gray!

ShockTheBourgeois said...

I think this is a great idea. I'm actually working on a similar project myself. I have a whole wall of bookcases from Target- they were ridiculously cheap, but sturdy and fairly classic looking. However, a whole wall of espresso colored shelving is a little heavy. The solution? I'm taking the backer board off and painting it a nice bright lavender/violet color that will peek out over my books. Then I'm putting brassy picture lights on each. Should be an unexpected twist on a traditional look!

living large said...

I've done several bookcases this way: Use fabric!
Take the backer board off, use spray adhesive, put down the fabric, smooth like wallpaper, and replace on the bookshelf. In one room I used a gold bee on a rose red ground. in another room I used a very small pattern in a diamond grid. In my dining room I wallpapered a red strie behind the shelves. Yes, there's the red thing going on. But I think books look great on red. The other thing is to consider what color the bulk of the books are and use a flattering shade. I love living with spines as I call it. I have books in everyone room of the house, except for the baths!

Velvet and Linen said...

Like Gina, I'm a pretty neutral kind of gal.
I do like to use Hinson's Madagascar grass cloth on the back of shelves. It's a great look.
If you are more colorful like Living Large, I know that Philip Jeffries makes grass cloth in some fantastic colors (yes, even red!).


julia b. edelmann said...

Love all of the color thoughts and wall covering ideas for the "Shelving" challenge!
I just used Philllip Jeffries granite wallcovering in "oro" behind shelves in a french china cabinet. The way that it moves with the light is fantastic. Added a lot of interest to a simple piece!
Keep the ideas rolling in...I am taking notes :)