Nov 25, 2008

The Chicago Craft Mafia Presents:

Last weekend, I ventured out to the DIY Trunk Show here in the windy city along with my pal, a craft aficionado.  She was actually on the prowl for emerging artists for a huge craft exposition held in Chicago every year. The DIY show was filled to the gills with amazing, talented, and "crafty" exhibitors.  Holiday spirit was in the air and generous smiles and huge appreciation went hand in hand with our viewing and purchasing. (Yes, I did a little tiny bit of that just to support the economy, of course!)
There were beautiful paper objects created by "Up In The Air Somewhere" that literally glowed in their luminescence.
I saw some an amazing puppet theatre highlighting the most intricately created black paper puppets of many different animals and creatures by owly shadow puppets.
Colorful and happy people pillows for casual decorating in any environment exhibited by Brandy Agerbeck.
One of our favorites was ReUseful Objects. 
These two artists create the coolest repurposed glasses made from discarded and long ago finished beer and wine bottles.  The bottles are sandblasted and etched with a variety of patterns.  Then,  the glassware is presented in handmade repurposed wooden boxes.
Unique stone coasters created from a large stone are "sliced" and stacked back together as a unique piece of rugged art that will come in handy during the holiday entertaining frenzy.  Craftily designed by Stonesters.
Ever wonder what happened to all of those raffle and carnival tickets that you have gathered from various outings and events over the years?  Find some Little Rumble.
Have a friend that just became engaged or married that needs a little assistance in the kitchen? A couple of these would be just perfect! Artgoodies is the place to find them.
Who knows who will be crowned some of  the next "Emerging Craft Royalty?" Maybe someone that we have met here?

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