Nov 17, 2008

The Look for Less

{photo from here}

The Master Bedroom of Naeem Khan has long been filed away in my head as a personal favorite, but it wasn't until Ondine recreated the look on Top Design that I became enthralled with the mirrored headboard. Ondine had her carpenter whip this together but I am still a little bewildered as to how this was created. Ikea sells a four pack of mirrors about the right size for $4.99/four, but does anyone have a recommendation on how to get the differing angles? All I can picture are plywood wedges painted black that the mirror is attached to...but what is the best way to create said wedges?

Ondine's room as seen on Top Design.Ikea mirrors.

Creeping around the Home Depot Expo website (I know, random), I found this mirror. The website does not give the size or the price, but it is pretty darn close to Ondine's creation. However, what I love about Naeem and Ondine's look is the height of the headboard. By looking at this picture, the mirror does not look as if it would be as dramatic, but it could still be a nice option.
I'd love to hear every one's advice on how you would re-create the tiled mirrored headboard!


Carolina Eclectic said...

Hi girls! These mirrors are so cool.

SimplyGrove said...

I love this look!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I do love this look! What about using something that's already wedge shaped? Like wood door stops or for a smaller angle, the wedges that are sold in multi-packs for leveling furniture (like those seen here:

Sarah said...

buy 6-9 mirrors from homedepot and apply them to one large sheet of plywood (butted up to each other).
Vintage Lily

Lauren said...

Elizabeth, the wedge shaped door stops are an interesting idea!

Sarah, could could certainly do that, I guess you would just be forfeiting the "angles."

Lauren said...
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Scott said...

La Diff in Richmond, VA actually sells the angled mirrors in packs of four. Check out their website or give them a call!