Nov 20, 2008

There is more to Bookshelves than just Books!

I recently completed one of those "dream" projects where you get to collaborate with easygoing, hip, and cool clients that shared similar design sensibilities. They also exuded qualities from which I  garnered incredible knowledge.  I learned so much from them... and, I hope, that I gave them something in return.
Bookshelves, one of my passions, was on high alert for this home.  Bookshelves can become art of the three dimensional kind.  I love to layer artifacts, art, pieces from world travels, and book collections themselves in this forum.  I also like to use photographs, sculpture, and found seasonal objects.  Leaves, flowers, candles, and organic finds can complete this picture.
I had several areas in this amazing Chicago home for my craft.  Don't you think that it looks as if we had been collecting for years? (Fooled you!)   See how you can exhibit your favorite color, or books, or just a grouping of your favorite things?  Start with one shelf at a time... you will be amazed at what you can create.  Add a dash of holiday greenery or ornaments and you are set for the season!


Colour Me Happy said...

There certainly is, thank you for showing your creativity here. Styling bookshelves is not as easy as it may look!

Chicago Carpet Cleaning said...

very creative stuff
keep it up

Leola Hammond said...

That was funny, I had the same trouble of what else to do with my bookshelf. I have a tiny room and it's crammed with stuff, and my shelf takes up a large amount of my room. I have a similar bookshelf as yours which now also serves as my computer desk. :D Well actually, it was the idea of my friend Amy, who works for one them Westwood interior designers. Couldn't have thought of another use for my shelf. =)

Marie Light said...

Very nice!!..A good and creative way of designing your personal bookshelves, just like mine I also want to improve my skill in designing and be a interior design firms someday.